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Emergency lighting upgrade
for existing Zoneworks Stadia application

Background - Recent renovations needed additional emergency lighting

HBF Stadium is a sports complex in Perth, Western Australia. The venue is located in the suburb of Mount Claremont, west of Perth’s central business district.

Facilities include an Olympic-standard aquatic centre with five pools, a diving tower, gymnasium, two arenas, and several basketball courts, as well as a café, childcare centre, sports store, office accommodation and a museum.

The stadium already had installed a Zoneworks XT with L10 Nanophosphate fittings back in December 2017 and with more recent renovations they needed to add additional emergency lighting to the facility which was located away from the main infrastructure of the stadium.

The facility team contacted Clevertronics to review this requirement to ensure any additional emergency lighting would be managed by the existing system in place.


The Challenge - Reduce additional backbone hardware

Numerous smaller sub-boards were located throughout the new area which can make it difficult to ensure reliable powerline communications. There were long distances also between DB’s and between the fittings and DB’s due to the nature of the venue having basketball courts, pools and an event centre spread apart.

The key challenge with this project was ensuring communications without needing to add additional backbone hardware like repeaters, extenders or run additional cable to reach the fittings.


The Solution - Fittings to communicate within large internal open spaces

The recent release of the Zoneworks XT HIVE system was perfect timing for HBF Stadium as the requirements of the project fitted perfectly with its capabilities. Chris Preedy, project services coordinator at Clevertronics worked on the solution with HBF and Techworks Electrical and explained why XT HIVE was a great fit. “When we arrived on site it was clear that Zoneworks XT HIVE would be the right choice for this new fitting installation.

The dynamic self-managed meshing capabilities of the system allows fittings to communicate within large internal open spaces and in this case across basketball courts. This part of the building is relatively small compared to the rest of the site but without XT HIVE it could have been an expensive installation.

It sounds too simple but the essentially the connection of the fittings to the existing Zoneworks system was achieved by plugging in a controller to a GPO in a local communications rack and adressing it onto the same VLAN and the existing controllers.” The XT HIVE component of the project is small now but in the future, any fittings replaced from in the existing installation will be HIVE compatible fittings with will mesh with the new network.


The Result - Upgrading sites is just so simple and straight forward

All fittings meshed perfectly in the system when the controller was switched on and the integration between existing powerline controllers and the XT HIVE controller was seamless.

“The beauty of XT HIVE is that upgrading sites is just so simple and straight forward whether it is an existing Zoneworks site, another system or a facility with manual test fittings.”

Contractors look at us with scepticism when we tell them it as simple as plugging in the controller, but they smile when they see it for themselves” Chris added.

Clevertronics looks forward to continuing to work with the HBF Stadium team as a valued Advantage Lifetime Support client.


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