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    Enablement of Large-Scale Emergency Lighting Digitisation

    WW360 supermarkets, metro and liquor outlets have over 121,600 emergency lighting assets across 1,668 locations.These assets were manually tested every 6 months per AS2293.2, with results added to an onsite paper logbook. Collecting test results, maintaining logbooks, maintenance records and compliance reporting was manual and inefficient.

    Environmental Impact

    4 reasons why "like-for-like" emergency lighting replacement could be dangerous

    We receive many requests for "like for like" quotations for replacing emergency lighting in existing buildings. It provides for dangerous circumstances that will impact compliance, increase carbon, cost money and negatively impact an evacuation. Why?
    Build Back Better Awards 2023 Zoneworks XT HIVE

    Build Back Better Energy Award 2023


    Clevertronics wins Gold at the Build Better Energy Awards in the Lighting Category for Zoneworks XT HIVE Testing and Monitoring System, an energy efficient entry which exhibits true innovation and unique points of difference.

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    Now offering CPD’s

    Clevertronics are delighted to be able to offer a free of charge CIBSE accredited CPD’s covering emergency lighting topics.

    Form Exit Blog Tile

    Sleek, Functional with Unrivalled Performance

    The Form Architectural Exit Light from Clevertronics delivers in looks, function and performance making it the ideal solution for modern buildings' seeking an aesthetic appeal.

    Temperature Testing

    Testing luminaires for the long term

    When the ten-year onsite Marvel Stadium test results were being processed to determine the performance outcome of L10 Nanophosphate, two guys already knew what the results would be.

    Original fittings still in service

    The results are well and truly in for L10 Nanophosphate

    It's 10 years ago, and your emergency and exit lighting will cost you over $1,000,000 in maintenance over the next 7 years. To be precise, the proposed budget to maintain 2,650 fittings at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, is a whopping $1,083,000.


    Our Capabilities

    Whether you need design or specification support, specialised luminaire conversion, commissioning support, application advice or just the right product for the job, we have the capabilities here to support and guide you through the process.

    clevertronics solar

    Clevertronics Head Office Solar Installation

    Clevertronics recently installed a 200kW solar rooftop array at our Head Office in Melbourne, Australia as part of a sustainability strategy to decrease carbon emissions and reduce our environmental footprint. Three-quarters of the solar installation covers manufacturing areas, with an additional 50kW allocated to dedicated electrical vehicle charging stations.


    Incredible 10 Year Emergency Lighting Warranty

    Clevertronics now offer a 10-year warranty for L10 Nanophosphate products combined with our Zoneworks XT HIVE testing and monitoring system. Backed by long term test results, this is great news for building owners and facility managers looking the best performing emergency lighting range in the world. 

    Carbon Reduction

    How L10 and Zoneworks XT HIVE Reduces Carbon

    A recent study by sustainability experts AECOM, shows where a project has been upgraded from NiCd batteries to L10, carbon can be reduced by up to 89%. AECOM compared 1000 L10 Lithium Nanophosphate light fittings against NiCd & NiMH batteries. Study results were clear, Clevertronics offers the most sustainable emergency lighting solutions on the market.

    Cleverspec clevertronics

    Introducing CleverSpec

    Are you looking for assistance when building emergency lighting specifications or product schedules? CleverSpec is a cloud-based application that simplifies the creation of emergency lighting specifications and product schedules.

    Zoneworks XT HIVE demo screen

    Automation and the
    future of emergency lighting testing

    Emergency lighting testing is a critical part of facilities management. But it’s not exactly top of the priorities list – usually, it’s right at the bottom. And because most systems are so time-consuming to test, the costs can quickly add up.

    Clevertronics MCG

    Emergency lighting systems
    are now cost effective for any sized site

    The emergency lighting market has changed a lot over the years. Compared to just a few years ago, there are newer technologies that have changed the market forever.

    Clevertronics technology

    Emergency lighting regulations:
    Compliance has never been easier

    With many barriers to compliance, from high maintenance costs to time-consuming testing requirements, it’s no surprise many buildings and businesses fall short of emergency lighting regulations in the UK. 

    Extended Functionality - Reporting Functionality

    The most advanced
    emergency lighting system

    When comparing the cost of emergency lighting products, it’s important to consider the lifetime costs of the system, including the costs to maintain it.

    St Vincents Care

    How to save money and time
    on your emergency lighting system

    When comparing the cost of emergency lighting products, it’s important to consider the lifetime costs of the system, including the costs to maintain it.

    clevertronics emergency lighting L10 lithium nanophosphate

    What's the best
    Emergency Lighting Battery?

    When comparing the cost of emergency lighting products, it’s important to consider the lifetime costs of the system, including the costs to maintain it.

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