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Educating a way to safety

Developments in lighting technology, notably LED, provide schools with the opportunity to reduce energy, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint through their emergency lighting.

However, the life safety of pupils and teachers is our top priority.

There is a common misconception that schools don't need emergency lighting. After all, pupils leave at 3.30pm. So surely, there's enough daylight to illuminate exits and ways out within the building but, some rooms within schools are windowless.

Moreover, educational facilities are often used out of hours by staff. Caretakers may be doing maintenance tasks. Also, events involving groups of people, like a parents' evening, breakfast/after-school club, or sporting event, occur regularly. In these situations, the building wouldn't comply. More importantly, the safety of children and other occupants is at risk.

UK law states that emergency lighting within an educational facility must provide a sufficient illumination level, and emergency exit signage should be clear.

The person responsible for the duty of care of anyone present within the school must consider emergency escape lighting and escape route signage throughout the building. All emergency or safety equipment must also be illuminated to help users to identify them quickly. Furthermore, the school's emergency lighting must be regularly tested to demonstrate that the lighting will operate as required in the event of an emergency.

Today, many schools are facing a situation where emergency lights and batteries are continually failing. The Clevertronics' L10 range of emergency luminaires, for example, include Lithium Nanophosphate® batteries that last 12 years or more, providing over 80% reduction in maintenance costs over traditional battery technologies helping schools to meet maintenance and sustainability reduction goals.

Our Zoneworks XT HIVE system uses the most advanced 2.4GHz RF technology with Dynamic Self-Managed Meshing, so caretakers or building managers can monitor and test emergency lighting remotely in line with the latest standards.

Rest assured, our Clever People are here to assist schools, external FM providers, and preferred contractors in selecting the best system for your school which meets the latest legislation.

City of Oxford College

Energy saving luminaires, long lifetime battery operation, easy networking capabilities and continual regulatory compliance reporting were key priorities for the client. Clevertronics delivered an industry leading L10 Lithium Nanophosphate solution providing 50% longer battery life and reduced maintenance costs over the lifetime of the system. 

Martin Wilson Primary School

Clevertronics were asked to suggest applicable systems to replace Martin Wilson's existing emergency lighting and exit signage. One of the main challenges that the site faced was failing, older battery technologies across their whole estate.

St George's College

Clevertronics were commissioned to deliver a comprehensive emergency lighting solution designed to meet to meet all of the specifications, quality, installation and logistical challenges required by St George's College.

St Mary's School

During a routine test of the emergency lighting system at the school, nearly half of the fittings did not meet the requirements and failed a test, mainly in the exterior environment of the premises.

Community College Bishops Castle

The emergency lighting system required replacement to ensure that the building was compliant as the incumbent products were failing and were becoming expensive and difficlult to manage.

What emergency lighting solution is best suited for Education

When considering the best emergency lighting solution for your facility or project it is important to consider two key areas; luminaire lifetime and compliance testing. Increased lifetime will provide lower maintenance costs and automated testing provides fast compliance reporting and reassurance that your life safety devices are in working order.

Luminaire Ranges

• 8+ Year design life

• 50% Maintenance savings

CLP Premium is a lithium Iron phosphate powered range that suits projects looking for a product that has an 8+ year design life. Based on proven site performance the CLP range will deliver over 50% maintenance savings compared to NiCd and NiMH equivalents making it a great choice to improve emergency lighting outcomes.

• 12+ Year design life

• 80% Maintenance savings

L10 Nanophosphate is the world’s leading emergency lighting range that is designed for projects that require the ultimate 12+ year solution. Based on proven site performance the L10 range will deliver over 80% maintenance savings compared to NiCd and NiMH equivalents making it not only the best, but also the lowest total cost option on the market

Emergency Lighting Systems

• Self testing luminaires

• Emergency lighting app 

Clevertest Plus System combines self test fittings with an Emergency lighting compliance app that allows the user to collect test data and produce online reporting for each site. All standard CLP and L10 luminaires are CTP enabled at no added cost.

• Monitor & test emergency lighting remotely

• Lifetime system support at zero cost

Zoneworks® XT Hive is a fully featured emergency lighting monitoring system that is suitable for medium to large sites where the flexibility and efficiency of a completely automated and computerised system provides maximum advantages.

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