Zoneworks XT

Real Time Automatic Monitoring and Testing System

Powerful and easy to use, and simple to access to the reports you need. Forget complicated software and difficult to understand reports. Zoneworks®XT is designed to get the job done fast. The web based platform provides expanded reporting capabilities and simplified integration with other networked building management services.

Self-Healing Mesh Communication

Zoneworks XT Emergency Lighting Controllers dynamically manage the communications between exit and emergency luminaires on the Zoneworks network, resulting in more robust and flexible networks.

Automatic topology management

The XT Controllers always attempt to communicate with an exit or emergency light directly, but if they can’t then it will use other fittings to do that for them. Periodically the XT Controller will check the status of the network and automatically change the communications pathway if required.

This dynamic repeating capability results in more robust networks that are essentially self-healing if conditions change over time.

Unattended commissioning

Zoneworks exit and emergency lighting can be commissioned into the XT Controllers prior to the XT Controller even being installed or powered up. Once powered up, the XT Controller can be configured to automatically commission new exit and emergency fittings as they are installed.

This drastically simplifies commissioning and relieves one of the biggest time pressures an installing contractor faces as they approach system hand-over deadlines. This is also a major advantage when dealing with remote location and difficult to access sites compared to some other systems that require a completed installation and two people on site to commission each fitting.

Simplified Yet More Powerful System Backbone

It’s simple – install Zoneworks XT exit and emergency luminaires the same way they would be installed in a normal site with a manual test switch. Zoneworks XT Emergency Lighting Contollers are then installed at selected switchboards to communicate with the installed luminaires.