DALI Registered

Clevertronics produces a range of DALI Registered Emergency and Exit Luminaires. DALI, the open protocol supported by all the major lighting manufacturers, enables digital dimming, individual luminaire control, lamp and ECG status feedback and emergency test and monitoring – all over a robust and simple wiring solution.

Features and benefits of a DALI lighting and emergency lighting control system:

  • Local control based on presence, absence, timeclocks or manual switches
  • Global control from switches or timeclocks
  • Daylight linking
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Real time monitoring of lighting failures
  • Single solution for standard control and Emergency Test
  • Compliance with Statutory Requirements
  • Based on an open protocol standard.

Complete Building Solution

DALI emergency lighting

By integrating the Emergency Luminaires with the DALI Lighting Control System the same wiring and networking infrastructure can be utilised to monitor and test the emergency and exit luminaires. The DALI Standard enables dimmable ballasts, transformers, relay modules, emergency fittings and controllers from different manufacturers to be mixed and matched into a single control system. A DALI system provides designers, installers, building owners, facility managers and end-users a powerful and flexible digital lighting system with security of supply from many sources. The DALI Lighting Control System and the Software Module  for the Emergency Lighting is supplied by the Lighting Control System provider. Commissioning/Addressing of the luminaires including the emergency lighting is also carried out by the Lighting Control System provider or Systems Integrator.

On-site diagnosis and repairs without the need for the systems integrator

Clevertronics has developed a Diagnostic Software Tool that provides Clevertronics Technicians with the ability to connect to DALI network segments, scan for emergency luminaires and perform fitting diagnostics (not commissioning). In the event a fitting or DALI node is replaced the new node or fitting can be programmed with the same DALI address as the fitting it replaced, negating the need for the Systems Integrator. This software tool can also facilitate the emergency lighting function and duration test with results collected via the Emergency Lighting Management System Head End.


The Clevertronics range of DALI Registered emergency and exit luminaires have been designed in accordance to: IEC 62386-2-2

Clevertronics and the DALI compatible emergency lighting range

The DALI Compatible range has been designed in accordance with the standard IEC 62386. Each DALI Compatible emergency luminaire incorporates a DALI Compatible Plug-in node module making the replacement of fittings simple without the need for re-addressing of the new fitting. All recessed DALI Compatible emergency luminaires and exit signs can be supplied with industry standard leads and connectors such as CMS Electracom, Wieland and WAGO.